August 27, 2013

Nimbus -The Traveling Blythe

I would like to introduce my traveling blythe- Nimbus.

Nimbus was inspired by the sky. Her hair has been dip dyed a lovely sky blue. Her eyelids depict clouds.

La Petite Pamplemousse lovingly donated her skills to make the perfect dress for Nimbus.
SoulsFireDesigns created her pulls and a special charm with her name on it. I am so grateful for the generous and loving people in this hobby.

Nimbus is very excited to start her adventure.

These are all the wonderful places she will be visiting.

Nimbus' Traveling Route-

1 Sep USA, UT, Vernal
2 Sep USA, IN, Corydon
3 Oct USA, CA, Chino Hills *
4 Oct UK, Worthing
5 Nov Spain, Vigo La Chica del Lunar
6 Nov Belgium, Antwerp
7 Dec Germany, Saarbr├╝cken
8 Dec Austria, Vienna
9 Jan FREE SPOT (Europe/Asia)
10 Jan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
11 Feb Japan, Shinagawa, Tokyo
12 Feb Japan, Kinomoto, Wakayama
13 Mar USA, MS, Tupelo
14 Mar USA, IL, Elmhurst
15 Apr USA, MI, Grand Rapids
16 Apr USA, MD, Baltimore

* Visiting Blythecon in New York City

We are still looking for a host in Europe or Asia. If you are interested in hosting Nimbus please contact

It has been a joy creating Nimbus. It makes my heart happy to know a little piece of me will be traveling all over the world.