April 30, 2012


Ok, so I have a thing for Tory Amos. I LOVE her music so much. I have always adored this cd cover album photo of hers from Choir Girl Hotel.

I always wondered how they got that photo. Did they lay her on a huge glass table and the photographer took a photo underneath? Anyway, while I was on flickr I noticed a group called "Scanography". I was blown away by how creative and beautiful it was. Basically people are just using a scanner as a camera to express themselves. It looks like fine art.
scanography [explored]
Anyway I decided to try it with my new Kenner Farrah. I will properly introduce her soon. Promise.
Here is one of just Farrah
This is how mine turned out. It was a fun thing to try. I will do some more soon.

Sweet Babies

These are my girls. They are so precious. This was taken with my Dreamy Diana Lens for my DSLR. I love the fuzziness.

April 22, 2012

Working in an Art Journal Tonight

Tonight I thought I would post a peek of 3 pages in an art journal I have been working on. This journal's theme is inspiring quotes.

Working in an Art Journal Tonight

These pages say...Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.

I love how the girl turned out with sun and sea behind her.

April 21, 2012

Road Trip

My handsome husband had a job interview 4 hours away. So we got a babysitter and drove up the new place we MIGHT be living.

My Hot Husband

The interview went well. We will see what happens. It would be exciting to go to a new place. But I really love where we are right now, so I will be happy either way. On the way home the scenery was so beautiful I had to stop and take some photos.

I brought my Simply Vanilla along named Bear.

Beautiful day in the Desert

Desert Flower

Her hair went perfect with the lovely desert scenery.

It was nice to just hang out with my husband with out the kids and just be. Such a lovely road trip.

April 11, 2012

A Woodland Sprite and her Pet Frog

I am very proud because I finally finished this little labor of love. I am really trying to get my foot in the door with customizing blythe dolls. She is my first fully customized blythe doll. Every detail was specially made for her.

Meet LilyBean

This is her story-
LilyBean is a silly little forest sprite who loves to cause mischief with her pet frog Shoofly. They can often be seen doing little tricks to animals in the forest. Be careful, she might do a little prank on you too.

Walking through the forest with Shoofly

I did the works on her!

New face-up- with carved lips and nose. She also has tiny green freckles.
Yellow painted lids with green polka dots and soft new lashes.
New eyechips in side facing dark green, front facing hand painted green, side facing pink, front facing burnt orange.
Green shoulder length mohair I hand dyed myself and knotted on a cool-cat scalp.
New pullcharms.

LilyBean's Eyes

LilyBean's Pulls

Thinking up some Mischief

The beautiful dress was custom made for LilyBean by the amazing Heidi from SwanLoveDesigns. It is a two piece outfit. A hand knitted dress and a tulle pettiskirt. The flower is a pin and is detachable.

I see a Woodsprite

She also comes with a custom throwaway pet frog named Shoofly. Made by me.

A close-up of Shoofly

LilyBean and Shoofly

LillyBean holding Shoofly

She is now on ebay!

LilyBean the Woodsprite

April 10, 2012

Easter Daffodils

We had a beautiful sunny day for Easter.

Daffodils on Easter

I am starting to see the signs that spring has sprung everywhere, including my own backyard. Daffodils have to me favorite flower. They are so cheery and bright.

Daffodils on Easter

April 7, 2012

Oh Deer

So I am slowly organizing photos and updating my family blog. I came acrossed this photo I took a year ago. I was staying in McCall, Idaho for a family reunion. This sweet deer happened to walk past our lodge and I hurried and took a quick photo before it ran away.

I have a deep love for deer. I wish I could have one as a pet.

April 6, 2012

Thrift Store Finds of the Day

Today was thrift store day.

I found a few little gems I would like to share. First was this cute vintage doll. I have no idea who she is. I thought for a 1$ why not. She is super adorable. I also like the handmade dress stapled to her body, it makes me smile.

Who am I?

I also found a Skipper doll with this sweet 90's overall get-up. I love the little pop bottle attached to side. I bought the skipper doll for 1$. I then took of the clothes and gave skipper right back to the cashier. I only wanted the outfit. I have enough dolls as it is.

Any way I thought it would look great on my Icy Doll Dexter. I just finished customizing this girl and will do a full post of her later.

Thrift Store Find of the Day

Thrifting is so fun. You never know what you are going to find.

Oh Strumpets!

Look, it is little Maude trying to fade into the background. She doesn't like too much attention.


She is so expressive

Maude and a Throw Away

Well too bad for her she was featured on a great blog called Oh Strumpets.

You can learn all about her over there!

April 5, 2012

So I have had a secret project I have been working on since February. And now I can finally finally talk about it.

I feel so lucky because I got to be part of the most beautiful doll magazine I have ever seen.
Filipa is the maker of Tiny Feet and we first met on flickr. I sent her message gushing about how beautiful her magazine was, and she asked if I wanted to join in on the fun.

Tiny Feet's 4th Issue

And I said "HECK YA!"

To see the full magazine go here .

I just wanted to post the photos I took for the magazine here.

Come One Come All!

So here is the photo of the whole circus crew. I took it in front of a run down miniature golf course in town. This photo took a lot of effort to take. It is hard to keep that many dolls from standing up. My dear husband was sweet and was my assistant, his job was to make sure none of the dollies fell down or blew away.

The Beast and her Master

Here is my lovely Ringmaster, she is my beloved Kenner Willa. She is with my Violetpie monster Foofa.

The Ring Leader and her Pet

Willa and Foofa

I really wanted to have a bearded lady for this shoot. So I used my Kenner Aspen and drew a beard on paper for her.

The Bearded Lady

Also, what is a circus without a clown, so I customized a Blythe doll into a clown. Her name is Pooka.

Pooka the Clown

I was asked to give a tutorial for Blythe Doll Paper masks. The tutorial can be found in the magazine.

Here is a lion, a tiger, and a bear.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears....

Oh My!

Oh My!

I already ordered my printed copy of this magazine! I can't wait to see it and smell it when it gets here.

Thank you again Filipa for the opportunity. I feel so blessed I got to contribute.