November 27, 2012

Penny Pencil

I have been wanting to make a nerdy girl with some teeth.

Newest Pixiepoo

So I made Penny Pencil

Meet Penny Pencil

Penny Pencil and her ThrowawayBear

Back of Penny Pencil

Complete with cross eyes

Cross Eyes...Tee Hee

November 20, 2012

Rescue Blythe Mission Durpee Winner is....

Thanks everyone for your sweet commments and for your support on this project of mine. I am so grateful for all of you.

A winner was randomly chosen using And the winner of Durpee is...

Congrats Lauren! Durpee is excited to have someone to love her!

Happy soon to be Thanksgiving everyone!

November 15, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday

Thrifty Squirrel

What is it about animals with bowties that make me go so gaga! I don't know. But I love them. Found this guy for buck. Had to have him.

November 10, 2012

Rescue Blythe Project Giveaway- Durpee

The Blythe Doll Community has always been so good to me, I felt like I needed to give back some how.

I have always had a soft spot for misfit and unloved dolls. I love putting bits and pieces together to create special and unique dolls. So I decided to start the Blythe Rescue Project.So many kind and loving people donated parts and pieces from eyechips to scalps to help me out.

This basaak doll was generously donated. She was in dire need of some love, so, I gave her some.

Rescue Blythe Project #4

Here she is now!


She is a super silly little one named Durpee.

Durpee Face

I felt like this doll needed a bunch of personality. Since her face plate was already carved all the way through I gave her silly "O" shaped mouth. Her nose had been previously carved and some of plastic underneath her nose was worn very thin. I reinforced the plastic with moulding clay and smoothed out the roughness.

First Snow

I gave her some cross eyes to match her personality. Since she was given cross eyes you need to hand roll her eyes to change them.

Cute Durpee

She is on a Licca body. The arms do not bend. She has a very small gap where the faceplates meet on one side.

Durpee is not a perfect doll so she is looking for a new parent that will embrace her silliness and love her the way she is.

If you think you could give this silly one the love she deserves even with her little imperfections please leave a comment below.

ONE comment per person. You are disqualified if you comment more than once.

I am giving Durpee away- FOR FREE- however- the winner must be willing to pay shipping.

On top of receiving Durpee, my sweet friend Heidi at Blythe Fifth Avenue has decided to generously donate an outfit for Durpee. Once you win feel free to contact Heidi for you free outfit. So sweet! Thank you Heidi!

On November 20 (two days before Thanksgiving) I will randomly select a winner on and will announce it on my blog.

Rescue Blythe Project #4

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Let's be grateful for Blythe in our life!

November 9, 2012


This is my newest custom doll.


Her name is bunny. For good reason...she LOVES bunnies.

Bunny's World

In her home

I gave her a whole new face up with pretty pink lids.

Her Lids

One More..

Here all the details of her home/box,

Bunny's Residence

Here is the outside of the box.

The Outside

Bunny is off to live with a sweet friend of mine who already owns another of my dolls so she will have a sister to play with.

Meet Bunny

She is excited for her new adventure!