June 29, 2012

I Love Cold Things

This is the newest page in an art journal swap I am doing. Not having air conditioning is making me love all things cold. I love that little eskimo girl.

My Page in Art Journal Swap

June 19, 2012

The Newest Pixiepoo Custom

Meet Ponyo Bubblemint. She is Very Vicky I gave a new face-up and new hairs to.

Meet Ponyo Bubblemint

I really love the color mint. I think that is why I love my Simply Peppermint blythe doll so much. Anyway I thought mint would be a perfect contrast to Ponyo's hair.

She Wants to Escape

Ponyo Bubblemint

I love her little freckles

Ponyo Bubblemints Milky Chips

Ponyo Bubblemint's Grey Chips

Ponyo Bubblemint's Teal Chips

This morning I went and took a few more pictures of her. She is traveling to a new home today.

A Few More

Safe Travels Ponyo

Before She Travels

June 18, 2012

Vintage Finds of the Day

Today I had a great day at my little thrift store.

Look at this haul! I collect vintage cameras so I was very excited to add a fold out camera to the collection.

Thrift Store Haul

These vintage measuring cups will look so cute perched on my windowsill.

Vintage Measuring Cups.

This is the cutest owl clock in the world. It was still ticking when I picked it off the shelf. I was so happy to find this.

Cutest Owl Clock Ever

I was drawn to this 70's portrait of a little boy. It was 50 cents and it is a actual painting so I bought it. I like his sweet innocent eyes.

70's Portrait

Last night we got to know our neighbors a little better. My neighbor is a plant whisperer. She owns many, many, many plants. Seriously her house is full of plants. It's almost a greenhouse. I love it. When I told her I liked succulents she went crazy a brought me over a whole bunch. People are so nice in this little town. So here is my own little succulent garden.

My new Plants

June 15, 2012

Custom Blythe Roombox

After creating a roombox for last custom. I was contacted to make a roombox in navy and white. I added a few pops of burnt orange for fun.

Here is Bear to show you around the place.

Bear Inside of the Roombox

This is the window room. There is a tiny lady bug on one of the leaves in the window scene.

I made a little vintage trunk too.

In the Window Room

This is the photo. I made the tiny little mixed pieces.

The Photo Room

Bear Showing the Room box

Photo Room in the Roombox

The outside is navy with a white decorative moulding.

Outside of the Roombox


On the bottom of the box I added a little vintage flair to it.

Bottom of the Roombox

Bear is sulking because she doesn't get to keep the roombox.

Cute Bear

She will get over it. I hope.

June 9, 2012

Chirp Chirp Chirp

Sorry for the chirping crickets. I have recently moved to a new little town and I have busily been unpacking and trying to get a new routine around here.


It's strange, I'm kind of dealing with some culture shock as well. I came from a mid sized town and this town has nothing but the essentials. Plus EVERYONE in this little town owns an ATV. It's kind of a big deal around here. I have only ever been on a ATV once my whole life....so hopefully nobody wants to kick me out of town for not having one. haha.

Anyway, I managed to finish a small project I have been meaning to do. I found this huge frame at thrift store. It was an icky gold color. I spray painted the frame green, added some chicken wire inside the frame, and it is now a clip board.

I think it turned out kind of cute.

Thrift Store Frame