August 30, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday

I am a little obsessed with mushrooms, so when I saw this cookie jar at the thrift store for 1$ it had to mine. It holds my paintbrushes nicely.

Mushroom Cookie Jar

We are going camping this weekend. I am pretty excited. I'm sure there will be lots of photos when I return!

August 29, 2012


I have a new blythe doll to add to my bunch. Her name is Mimsy and she is Melomelomew middie blythe doll.

At Dusk

She is cute and tiny and I love how you can tilt her head.

Wee little Mimsy

August 28, 2012

Help Me Win A Custom Tangkou Doll Please!

Help Me Win A Custom Tangkou Please!

Right now on Facebook Tangkou doll is doing a design competition. You design your dream Tangkou and if you have the most people "like" your design they will make and give your dream custom Tangkou doll for free!

This design for a Tangkou doll has been rolling around in my head for ages! I really hope I win.

Please help me, by "liking" my Tangkou design on facebook.
The link is here-

August 26, 2012

The Newest Pixiepoo Custom Paisley

I thought I would introduce my latest custom blythe doll even though she has already been adopted out.

After months in the making- This is Paisley

Pink Dream

This is her story-

Once there was a little girl named Paisley. Her parent's loved her dearly and gave her everything her heart desired. Because of this she became a spoiled child. She believed she was the most beautiful girl in the land. She spent hours and hours brushing her pink little curls. Because she was so vain she didn't have many friends other than her little pet Mitzy.

Little Paisley

I did all of her customization work. She is a Tea for Two EBL. Her dress was specially made for her by Blythe Fifth Avenue on etsy.

Pinky Pie

She has had the following work done-

New face-up- with carved lips and nose. She also has tiny heart on her right cheek.

Rag Curls

Beautiful graphic lids.

Paisley's Lids

She has sleep eyes with new pullcharms.

Paisley's Pulls

She was given a hot pink mohair re-root. It is soft and fluffy.

Dear Paisley

She also has a custom throwaway pet bunny named Mitzy.

Paisley's Throwaway

She also has her own room box.

Paisley's Roombox

The outside is painted mint green and has been distressed, then sealed. I have also added a decorative wood piece on the front painted in multiple colors.

The Outside of the Roombox

The inside is two rooms.

One is the picture wall I did the drawings and they are framed with tiny frames. I have also added distressed beadboard.

Her Pictures

The other room has her bedroom window and a pink paper latern. There is also a decorated vanity to keep Mitzy in as well as the distressed beadboard.

Her Bedroom

She is quite the labor of love. I had so much fun creating her.

The Pink Spoiled One

August 23, 2012

Art Journal Swap

I am doing an art journal swap. This is the page I did for this journal. Barn Owls have to be my favorite animal. They are so beautiful.

Art Journal Swap

Thrift Store Thursday

There was so much awesome at the thrift store today.

Look at this haul.

Look at this Haul

Ya, I scored big time.

My favorite thing has to be this vintage bunny. He was 75 cents.

Vintage Bunny

I find his little face beyond adorable.

My next favorite thing is this Dollhouse picture frame. It is so detailed and quite large. It was 3 dollars. I am planning on re-painting it and doing a mixed media art project with it.

Dollhouse Frame

I found lots of kitschy art for my little girl's room- They ended up being 3.00 all together.

Kitschy Girl Portraits

Kitschy Kitties

These vintage patterns

Vintage Patterns

A goal of mine is teach myself how to sew, if I have cute patterns like these maybe it will motivate me more to do it. They were 25 cents each.

And check out these vintage Disney vinyl records, they are also a story books.
They were a 1 dollar each.

Vintage Disney Records

The little butterfly was 25 cents. I was digging his bright colors.

Thank you thrift store for being good to me today.

August 17, 2012

Bits And Pieces

Little bits and pieces of the last few weeks

1) My little darling "cooked" some cupcakes.

Decorating Cupcakes

2) She even made one for me.

She "Cooked" this Cupcake for Me

3)Visited the little town of Salina


4)We went to Mom's Cafe

Mom's Cafe

5)They have the best pie in town. Blueberry and Sourcream pie...mmmmmmmmm.

Blueberry and Sour Cream Pie

6) Went to the zoo with some friends we have been missing since the big move.

I Missed My Friend

7) Went to music in the Park with family


8) The babies played in the splash fountains with their Auntie.

Water Fountain

9) Summer Sunsets


10) My hair is red once again.

Accident Photo

August 16, 2012

Rebecca Portrait Photos

Rebecca is my neighbor and one of the first friends I ever made in this new little town. She graciously agreed to let me photograph her. She is so earthy, she has a beautiful garden and plants everywhere in her home. I love that about her. I wanted to capture her personality in these photographs.










August 15, 2012

Blythe Rescue Project Winner!

Today I announce the winner of the Rescue Blythe doll- Star.

Everyone who donated pieces and parts got their name entered an extra five times into the drawing.

Rescue Blythe Project

After using a random generator the winner of Star is.......

Congratulations Nicole!

Please contact me with your address and I will send Star out to you.

Thank you everyone who donated and participated in this. I feel so lucky to share this hobby with some amazing people.

August 9, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday

Get it? haha!

Do you get the joke? Haha...a fish with no "i"'s.....Anywho!

I love Thursdays because it is thrift store day. Today I found these marvelous ceramic fish. Growing up I remember my Grandma having similar ones in her bathroom. I always thought they were pretty cool.

Another fun find was this lovely bag

Thrift Store finds

I am going to use it as my new camera bag. It is nice and sturdy.

New Camera Bag Details

I love the little details it has.