July 30, 2012


Unicorn Princess

Persimmon looks darling in pink. Wouldn't you agree?

The Story of ThrowAway Pets

For the past year, I have been making little pets for blythe dolls called throw away pets. They are made using Blythe doll stock eye chips.

Perfect Pink

-The story of Throw Away Pets-

Once there was a Blythe Doll that had a horrific eye surgery. The colored chips were taken from her eyes, and were replaced with newer shinier colored chips. Time passed, and the Blythe doll found some of her old chips thrown away in the trash. The chips reminded her of the horrible surgery and she began to cry. Some of her tears fell upon the thrown away chips- and thus- a Throw Away Pet was born.

Cuddly Light Pink Throwaway

I made this cute pink a few days ago.

There will be lots more to come.

July 27, 2012

Bits and Pieces

I have decided to start a new little feature on this blog called bits and pieces. Mostly just random little photographs of my home/family life.

1) I finally got me some sparkle shoes. They make me happy.

<3 Sparkle Shoes

2) Baby girl's first time actually sitting in the swimming pool this summer. She was way to scared to go. But finally realized it was ok.

Pool Time

3) For the 24th ( That is a holiday in Utah) we went to Red Butte Gardens.


4) More lovely flowers.


5)This Mama cat is trying to adopt us. She has two rowdy baby kittens too. I cave and feed her sometimes. I think that is why she sticks around.

She Likes Us

6)Mama Cat.

Mama Cat

7) Hugging a kitten.


8) This kitten looks like she is saying.... "Hi! Adopt me human!"


Bowie- My Kaleidoscope Kustoms Girl

I got a Simply Mango a few months ago because I have always wanted a Rainbow Brite inspired custom. I decided to have Sarah/ Kaleidoscope Kustoms customize her for me. Sarah is very creative and she carves the cutest little mouths on her dolls.

When she was ready to be shipped I quickly drew out a little plan for Sarah with what I was going for with this doll.

Brite Eyes Custom #87 ~ Plan

Sarah did an amazing job. It is exactly what was in my head that I wanted this doll to be.

Meet Bowie

I added some colored highlights to her hair today. Now she is all done!

My Color Baby- Bowie

Her eyelids are my favorite thing about her.


Bowie's Lids

I have named her Bowie and I adore her!

Hi Bowie

I need to find her some Rainbow Brite boots. She would rock those!



I have a fabulous Blythe friend named Juliet. Every now and then Juliet sends me parts and pieces of dolls just because. It is like christmas whenever I get a package from her! She is really one of the sweetest people I know.

So when she sent me the first face plate she ever carved I really wanted to make her a special silly out of it for her.

A Special Girl for Juliet.

So here is Wubba inspired by wubba chickens. It's an inside joke I guess. Juliet really like rubber chickens.

For Juliet

Her dress was even custom made for this doll by Blythe 5th Avenue on etsy.

Out in Nowhere

I went to a family reunion out in the middle of nowhere Utah. The views were amazing and so beautiful.

I took a few dolls with me.

My Red Head Kenner Willa-

Willa at the River's Edge

In the Tall Grasses

In the Country

I also took my latest custom Lucy Birch with me. I wanted to snap a few more photos of her before she travels to London.

Lucy Birch at the River


Lucy Birch in her Element

While I was taking these with my sister's help, one of my cousins and her husband saw us and were curious to what we were doing.

They had never seen a Blythe doll and they were very intrigued, so much so they helped take these photos with us. We had a fun time!

They are from New York and are determined to find me another Kenner...That would be amazing if they found one! I LOVE family!

July 26, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday

It is either feast or famine at my local tiny thrift store. Today was a famine, but I managed to find two cute little things.

Thrift Store Thursday

The first is the fisher price activity center for my baby girl. I remember having one exactly like it as a child. My sweetie babe loves it.

Who am I?

The other was this kitsch little vintage doll. I find her pretty cute. Plus I can borrow her dress for my blythe dolls.

What am I?

I would like to find out what kind of doll she is. Does anyone know?

Happy thrifting!

July 21, 2012

She is Here!

She is here!

I'm so excited. Fixing her up is going to be fun fun fun!

July 13, 2012

Little Art Doll

Today was cloudy and rainy. It was a great day to play in the house with my girls. We spent the afternoon painting and drawing and making cards for friends.

Mel Stringer Paper Doll

I was on Kitschy Digitals earlier and found this free paperdoll by Mel Stringer. I just had to make one for myself.

I also printed off this bunting and cut it out. I will be hanging it up in my craft room for

Wall in the Hobby Room

What fun!

A New Fun Project

Blythe has been such a wonderful hobby. I love the dolls, but mostly I love the people in this hobby. I have met some of the most kind hearted people doing this. So I have come up with a new project.

Rescue Blythe Project

I have always had a soft spot for misfit and unloved dolls. I love putting bits and pieces together to create special and unique dolls. So I have decided to start the Rescue Blythe Project.

How it works is this.
If you have an unloved blythe doll hidden away and it needs a new fresh start I would love to make it over for you for free. You must pay shipping to and back. I will take photos of her makeover all along the way.

Do you have a carved faceplate gone wrong, or an ugly scalp, or random bits of an eye mech or eyechips? I would love to take them! Once I have enough pieces for a whole doll I will make her over and give her away in a random drawing. Those who donate get their names in the drawing more than once.

I thought this would be a fun way to bring us all together.

Basically all I want to do with this project is make someone's day.
We will see how this goes. I am very excited to do this!

Feel Free to use this photo and spread the word.
Please use my email in profile to get a hold of me.
Thanks Blythe Friends!

I am amazed by the good hearts and things already donated! I already have a whole doll to put together and give away. All the pieces are on it's way. Thank you!

July 10, 2012

Sneek Peek

My next custom girl is in the works. I am waiting on some supplies to arrive. She is going to be very very girly. I hope the vision have for her turns out.

Sneek Peek

This is a sneek peek of her roombox. I just finished it. This box is my favorite color-mint green!

July 9, 2012

Art Journaling

This art journal's theme was flower gardens. Poppies are my all time favorite flower.

My Newest Art Journal Page

I went with some yellow poppies and little pop of red with the lady bug.

July 5, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday

So today I went to the thrift store and found these little gems

Thrift Store finds of the Day...

A little cabinet for 6$. I am thinking of putting Blythe doll clothes or my small my little pony collection in it. I will be giving it a make over.

Thrift Store Finds of the Day

Speaking of my little pony...totally found this vintage thermos for 50 cents. My girls will happily be using it this summer.

The LalaLoopsy doll was 50 cents. I couldn't say nooooo....My oldest is starting to love them. Which makes me happy.

Bleach Jug Kitsch Doll-

The most random find was this very kitschy 70's bleach bottle doll for 1.50. She is called a bleach bottle doll because the bottom half of her is taped to bleach bottle with rocks in it for weight.

I am planning on harvesting the head giving her a new body and sticking a bunch of awesome things in huge hair.

July 2, 2012

Newest Custom Pixiepoo Girl

I finished another custom doll, I am on a roll.... since I was too busy doing moving things last month....all my creativity almost blew up inside me.

It feels so good to get it out and start doing customs again. She was originally meant to be a monster girl. But she ended up going a little tribal.

Tribal Werewolf WIP

Here she is all finished. Her name is Lucy Birch.

Lucy Birch's Green Eyes

I added feathers to her hair.

Lucy and Foofa

She has birch tree eyelids

Her Birch Tree Lids

These are her hand painted chips

Her Handpainted chippies

Her black chips which are my favorite

Side View

Her Black chippies

Her red chips

Lucy Birch

More cute photos of her.

Lucy Birch loves Foofa

Hunting Together

She is a wild one and likes to run around shirtless around here.

The Wild One

Lucy's Hair

Lucy's hair

Windy Day

She will be off to London next month until then I will try and take lots of photos.

On my desk