July 27, 2012

Bowie- My Kaleidoscope Kustoms Girl

I got a Simply Mango a few months ago because I have always wanted a Rainbow Brite inspired custom. I decided to have Sarah/ Kaleidoscope Kustoms customize her for me. Sarah is very creative and she carves the cutest little mouths on her dolls.

When she was ready to be shipped I quickly drew out a little plan for Sarah with what I was going for with this doll.

Brite Eyes Custom #87 ~ Plan

Sarah did an amazing job. It is exactly what was in my head that I wanted this doll to be.

Meet Bowie

I added some colored highlights to her hair today. Now she is all done!

My Color Baby- Bowie

Her eyelids are my favorite thing about her.


Bowie's Lids

I have named her Bowie and I adore her!

Hi Bowie

I need to find her some Rainbow Brite boots. She would rock those!

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  1. This doll looks incredible! I love the way she turned out, she's is now a work of art<3