July 27, 2012

Out in Nowhere

I went to a family reunion out in the middle of nowhere Utah. The views were amazing and so beautiful.

I took a few dolls with me.

My Red Head Kenner Willa-

Willa at the River's Edge

In the Tall Grasses

In the Country

I also took my latest custom Lucy Birch with me. I wanted to snap a few more photos of her before she travels to London.

Lucy Birch at the River


Lucy Birch in her Element

While I was taking these with my sister's help, one of my cousins and her husband saw us and were curious to what we were doing.

They had never seen a Blythe doll and they were very intrigued, so much so they helped take these photos with us. We had a fun time!

They are from New York and are determined to find me another Kenner...That would be amazing if they found one! I LOVE family!

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  1. I love the shots we took, and i love how one of the pictures you took of me are in your about section.. made me happy :) haha and yes i am stalking all your blythe pictures, and yes i love your rainbow bright doll, just saying :D