July 27, 2012

Bits and Pieces

I have decided to start a new little feature on this blog called bits and pieces. Mostly just random little photographs of my home/family life.

1) I finally got me some sparkle shoes. They make me happy.

<3 Sparkle Shoes

2) Baby girl's first time actually sitting in the swimming pool this summer. She was way to scared to go. But finally realized it was ok.

Pool Time

3) For the 24th ( That is a holiday in Utah) we went to Red Butte Gardens.


4) More lovely flowers.


5)This Mama cat is trying to adopt us. She has two rowdy baby kittens too. I cave and feed her sometimes. I think that is why she sticks around.

She Likes Us

6)Mama Cat.

Mama Cat

7) Hugging a kitten.


8) This kitten looks like she is saying.... "Hi! Adopt me human!"


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