May 27, 2012

Very Vicky is Visiting

A lovely friend of mine asked me to give her very Vicky a little bit of spa time.

Here she is with Farrah being cute on the fireplace mantel.

And here she is after her spa. She is no longer shiny and her eyes no longer gaze downward.

I love the stock look of Very Vicky. She is so adorable.

I might need one myself one day.

In other news- we are currently packing. We will be in our new place this weekend. So much to do!

May 21, 2012

Getting Ready

My hubbie started his new awesome job. I know he is going to be great at it! We have to wait until the beginning of the month to move and join him over there. So we have been hanging out with my family for the past week.

We are having lots of fun!

May 18, 2012

R. Family Photos

One of my friends asked me take photos of her lovely family.

Not only does she have time to take care of these little ones, but she also sews beautiful outfits for them and is going to foot zoning school. She is one busy but amazing mama.

And her kids are just beautiful.

20 Random Things About Me

I thought it would be fun to list a few random things about me-

1. My favorite thing about me is my feet. I love my feet. I have even named them. My right foot is Peutunia and my left foot is Ben-in-a-diaper. :) I love to paint my toe nails.

2. I love being a mom. It is very hard sometimes and I constantly worry about being a good enough for my children...but they bring so much joy into my life at the same time.

3. I have freckles all over my body. My grandpa told me my freckles were kisses from angels. After that I was proud of them, because I knew I was loved.

4. I LOVE 80's cartoons and toys. Rainbow Brite is my hero.

5. I always wanted to be Sarah in the movie Labyrinth. I will always have a crush on David Bowie.

6. I want to publish a children's book before I die.

7. My husband and I met in high school at a ballroom dance camp. We are soul mates and I feel very lucky to say that.

8. I often feel anxious for no reason.

9. I graduated college with a Art History degree because they closed the Illustration program.

10. I HATE conflict. I will do anything to avoid it. Sometimes I will not voice my opinion if it avoids a conflict. Bad, I know. I just love harmony and conflict scares me. I need to get better at this.

11. I was fired from a job once because my boss said I was "too much of a free spirit". I took that as a compliment.

12. I could eat an entire jar of dill pickles in one sitting. I also have an unhealthy addiction to ketchup and french fries.

13. I love the ocean. I love hiking by the ocean, and especially sleeping under the stars by ocean.

14. I HATE being the center of attention in big groups. I get embarrassed and blush uncontrollably and my chest breaks out in blotchy spots.

15. I want to be a beekeeper once I own a backyard and my kids are big enough to know not to go near bee hives.

16. Going on a walk always helps me feel better.

17. I can't watch T.V. unless I am doing something while watching it...otherwise I feel like it is a waste of time.

18. My husband and I love to go on random drives for no reason at all just to discover new places. We love looking at old houses and talking about how we would fix it up.

19. I love my family and my friends. I would do anything for them.

20. I think guinea pigs are the cutest rodents in the whole world.

May 11, 2012

Silly Scarlett

Silly Scarlett just can't stop playing outside ever since she escaped her Aunt Sophie's house.

Scarlett in her Happy Place

Scarlett in Wonderland

Scarlett's Secret Garden

Miss Scarlett


May 10, 2012

My New Photography Website

I have finally updated my photography website thanks to my wonderful brother who has been helping me make a new logo. I am so excited and love how it looks. Take a peek here.

May 9, 2012

Senior Photography

I taught Tessa in my sunday school class. Now she all grown up and ready to graduate.

It has been a few months since I have done a session. So I was thrilled when she asked me. I just wanted to post a few of my favorites

Untitled Untitled Untitled

If you would like more info on my photography click on the photography button above.

May 5, 2012


I have been hard at work on another custom.
Two Cuties
Scarlett in the Sun
This is Scarlett- Every little detail was specially made for her.
Scarlett and Harry
This is her story-
Once there was a little girl named Scarlett. Her parents went away for the weekend leaving her with her stuffy Aunt Sophie. All she wanted to do was go outside and play. Her Aunt Sophie was afraid she would get hurt and kept her locked up inside the drab house. Scarlett sulked and wished to be outside among the poppies.
Scarlett and Harry in the Photo Room
I did all of her customization work. She is a Very Cherry Berry EBL.
She has had the following work done-
New face-up- with carved lips and nose. She also has tiny mole on her right cheek.
Black painted lids with a red and blue poppy on one side.
Scarlett's Lids
New eyechips in side facing stock blue, front facing black, side facing pink, front facing olive green.
Scarlett's Blue Chips
Scarletts Black Chips
Scarlett's Redish Pink Chips
Scarlett's Olive green Chips
New pullcharms with black striped beads and a key.
Her Pulls
Her hair is original.
She comes with a beautiful striped dress, her hair ribbons, and droopy socks.
In the Photograph Room
She also comes with a custom throwaway pet bear named harry.
Detail of Harry
She also comes with her Auntie Sophie's house/ box.
Details on the Outside of the Box
The outside is painted black and has been distressed, then sealed. I have also added a decorative wood peice on the front painted in red.
The inside is two rooms.
One is the photography room. I did the drawings and they are framed with tiny frames. I have also added distressed beadboard.
The Photo Room
The other room is the sitting room. A window overlooks the poppy field Scarlett wants to go out in play in. There is also a tiny red dresser as well as the distressed beadboard.
The Sitting Room
Scarlett and Harry fit in the box very well and they will be shipped inside.
In the box
So yes, she comes with everything seen here!
Scarlett and Harry and Outside of the Box
The Drab House
She is quite the labor of love. I had so much fun creating her.
The Sun Peeped Out

May 3, 2012

Vintage Find of the Day

This amazingly adorable pink deer for 50. Cents. Look at those little spots on his back... It doesn't get much cuter than that.