May 5, 2012


I have been hard at work on another custom.
Two Cuties
Scarlett in the Sun
This is Scarlett- Every little detail was specially made for her.
Scarlett and Harry
This is her story-
Once there was a little girl named Scarlett. Her parents went away for the weekend leaving her with her stuffy Aunt Sophie. All she wanted to do was go outside and play. Her Aunt Sophie was afraid she would get hurt and kept her locked up inside the drab house. Scarlett sulked and wished to be outside among the poppies.
Scarlett and Harry in the Photo Room
I did all of her customization work. She is a Very Cherry Berry EBL.
She has had the following work done-
New face-up- with carved lips and nose. She also has tiny mole on her right cheek.
Black painted lids with a red and blue poppy on one side.
Scarlett's Lids
New eyechips in side facing stock blue, front facing black, side facing pink, front facing olive green.
Scarlett's Blue Chips
Scarletts Black Chips
Scarlett's Redish Pink Chips
Scarlett's Olive green Chips
New pullcharms with black striped beads and a key.
Her Pulls
Her hair is original.
She comes with a beautiful striped dress, her hair ribbons, and droopy socks.
In the Photograph Room
She also comes with a custom throwaway pet bear named harry.
Detail of Harry
She also comes with her Auntie Sophie's house/ box.
Details on the Outside of the Box
The outside is painted black and has been distressed, then sealed. I have also added a decorative wood peice on the front painted in red.
The inside is two rooms.
One is the photography room. I did the drawings and they are framed with tiny frames. I have also added distressed beadboard.
The Photo Room
The other room is the sitting room. A window overlooks the poppy field Scarlett wants to go out in play in. There is also a tiny red dresser as well as the distressed beadboard.
The Sitting Room
Scarlett and Harry fit in the box very well and they will be shipped inside.
In the box
So yes, she comes with everything seen here!
Scarlett and Harry and Outside of the Box
The Drab House
She is quite the labor of love. I had so much fun creating her.
The Sun Peeped Out

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  1. Wow she came together beautifully! How darling is her little house/box too!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

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