September 25, 2012

Cora- The Mermaid Princess

This is my newest custom doll.

Princess of the Mermaids

She is a mermaid princess.

The Ocean Shore

She has a new face-up- with carved lips, rounded nose, and light freckles.

Princess Cora

She has pink and peach highlights in her mint hair.

Seashells on the Shore

She has a white carved looking pull with a a small pearl.

Cora's Pull

Her lids have pretty texture with pearl pink, mint, and sparkles.

Cora's Eyelids

She comes with her own custom stand made from real seashells and starfish.

Cora's Stand

She also comes with an amazing crown made from real tiny starfish.

Mermaid Rock

Along with her amazing detailed mermaid outfit made by Blythe 5th Avenue.

Beached Mermaid

I am so proud of this custom. She is exactly how I envisioned in my head that she would be.

Tiny Pool

She is currently looking for some new waters to explore.

September 20, 2012

Greta Green

I had a friend on flickr that had the most wonderful Fansy Pansy blythe doll with a lime green re-root. I LOVED it and wanted one badly. So, I asked this friend if she wouldn't mind if I made a doll similar to hers. She said OK!

So without further ado this is Greta Green.

Hi,I'm Greta!

I can't wait to take more photos of her.


Just a few for now.

September 19, 2012

Animal Hat

It came. RAWR!!

The Wolf Hat

Still not sure I can pull it off.

September 18, 2012

Rescue Blythe Project # 3 Makeover

A friend from Norway sent me a doll in need of some love and TLC. She was meant to be a fairy so I tried to keep her as fairy-like as possible.

This is a before and after.

Rescue Blythe Project #3

I think she turned out to be quite striking.

All Done

I love her crazy wild hair.

Teasel's Purple Chips


Little Fairy in the Tree

This little fairy is excited to go back home.

An Aztec Arrival for Me

So there is one Blythe doll of the BL mold that I have been in love with since the beginning. An Aztec Arrival. I found one one Ebay for a decent price and she was looked just perfect for me, so I got her.

She was shipped all the way from London. Her box came to me like this.

Billie Blair's Box

My heart skipped a beat. I was so nervous she had been damaged. Luckily the seller wrapped her good and all was well.

Billie Blair

I have named her Billie Blair.

Hi I'm Billie Blair

I'm not sure she knows what to make of the new place.

What is this Place?

There are little humans running around screaming and doll parts everywhere. I think she was plotting how to escape through a window while I was sleeping.

Cute Billie Blair

In the end I think she decided to stay. So I took her hair out of pigtails and she got some socks and shoes on to play outside.

Mismatched Socks

She is not good at matching socks.

Can I Pull this Off?

I wonder if I can pull this off....

(Not my photo)

I have been in love with these animal hats for quite some time. So I decided to finally get one. I am going to use it for Halloween. ( I will be the big bad wolf and my baby girl will little red riding hood) But I am wondering if I will be able to pull it off for everyday wear too. We shall see.

September 17, 2012

Working Away

Story is in Pieces

This is a custom comission I am currently working on.

September 16, 2012

Bear has a New Face

Bear and I were not bonding. I loved her lips but I felt like her face-up needed more. So I tweaked it a bit myself.

Here she is now.

Bear's New Face

It was instant love once I put her back together.

I love this little baby

I have also updated my shop with a couple of Throwaway pets.

Sweet Bear

Pink Bear Throwaway

Go have a look.

Middie has a New Best Friend

My Mimsy has a new minty best friend to go on adventures with.

Best Friends

He is a bunny made by Violetpie.

Hi Bilbo

I have named him Bilbo.

Two is Better Than One

Mimsy loves her new best friend.

September 15, 2012

It was a RED sort of day....

For my outfit anyway-

It's a Red sort of day

My sweetie wanted a picture with her mama too.

Baby Girl Wanted a Picture

She was in mid-blink it looks like.


September 14, 2012

Bits and Pieces

These are bits and pieces from our Labor camping trip in Idaho. I love Idaho it is so beautiful.

1) Beautiful Butterfly


2) Camping Babies

My Camping Babies

3) Pinecone Texture

Pinecone Texture

4) Our Little Paradise. This is our cabin we go to every year since I was a very small girl.


5) Wild Berries

Wild Berries

6) Family


7) Tree Line

Pine Tree View

8) Cabin


9) Mesa Falls

Mesa Falls

September 8, 2012

Meet Squirrel

Squirrel is my newest custom doll.

Pouty Squirrel

She is a nature girl that likes to go on adventures.

Little Squirrel

She is an EBL Disco Boogie with a Fansy Pansy Scalp.
She has had the following work done-

New face-up- with carved lips, rounded nose, and cute freckles.

Meet Squirrel

New eyechips are side facing coolcat brown, Front facing handpainted chips in copper and green with little flecks of copper in the pupils, stock blue, slightly mismatched butternut chips.

Squirrel's Eye Colors

She has new leaf pullcharms.

Squirrel's Pulls

Her lids are a new technique I used painting in thin layers and then carving away the top layer to expose the layer underneath. It has lovely texture to it.

Her Lids

She comes with her own traveling trunk.

Wants to go on a Adventure

She also comes with an adorable squirrel dress made by anneanarchy as well as a hat made by me using free form wet felting.

Her Travel Case

She has been adopted and will be leaving the nest soon.

Hi Squirrel

I have another pixiepoo custom doll in the works that will be coming soon.