May 27, 2012

Very Vicky is Visiting

A lovely friend of mine asked me to give her very Vicky a little bit of spa time.

Here she is with Farrah being cute on the fireplace mantel.

And here she is after her spa. She is no longer shiny and her eyes no longer gaze downward.

I love the stock look of Very Vicky. She is so adorable.

I might need one myself one day.

In other news- we are currently packing. We will be in our new place this weekend. So much to do!


  1. so much better without the shiny face in my opinion

  2. She looks soooooo much better without shiny face!! Absolutely lovely!

    New follower here! I found you through a comment you left on another Blythe blog :)

    Your blog is absolutely adorable! I just got my first Blythe and am attempting to customize her and it's scary as heck! So reading other people's efforts is really comforting! XD

    Thank you!