July 2, 2012

Newest Custom Pixiepoo Girl

I finished another custom doll, I am on a roll.... since I was too busy doing moving things last month....all my creativity almost blew up inside me.

It feels so good to get it out and start doing customs again. She was originally meant to be a monster girl. But she ended up going a little tribal.

Tribal Werewolf WIP

Here she is all finished. Her name is Lucy Birch.

Lucy Birch's Green Eyes

I added feathers to her hair.

Lucy and Foofa

She has birch tree eyelids

Her Birch Tree Lids

These are her hand painted chips

Her Handpainted chippies

Her black chips which are my favorite

Side View

Her Black chippies

Her red chips

Lucy Birch

More cute photos of her.

Lucy Birch loves Foofa

Hunting Together

She is a wild one and likes to run around shirtless around here.

The Wild One

Lucy's Hair

Lucy's hair

Windy Day

She will be off to London next month until then I will try and take lots of photos.

On my desk


  1. She reminds me of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals music video for their song "Never Go Back". :]