July 1, 2012

They have a Place

They Have a Home

Once upon a time there was a girl who went to a thrift store. She saw a crappy white shelf with some crappy brown shutters attached to the front. The girl thought...Hey...it's only 5$ and I think this will make a great doll home one day. So she brought it home, sanded it, and painted it all sorts of fun colors.

She put her dolls inside their new home. They we happy because they finally had a spot of their own, and the girl's husband was happy because he didn't have to have dolls in his bedroom anymore. And everyone lived happily ever after- The End

So many girls. I want to try and squish 3 more and a middie in here in the future. I wonder if it can be done.

Pixiepoo Villa-My Dollies New Home