August 23, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday

There was so much awesome at the thrift store today.

Look at this haul.

Look at this Haul

Ya, I scored big time.

My favorite thing has to be this vintage bunny. He was 75 cents.

Vintage Bunny

I find his little face beyond adorable.

My next favorite thing is this Dollhouse picture frame. It is so detailed and quite large. It was 3 dollars. I am planning on re-painting it and doing a mixed media art project with it.

Dollhouse Frame

I found lots of kitschy art for my little girl's room- They ended up being 3.00 all together.

Kitschy Girl Portraits

Kitschy Kitties

These vintage patterns

Vintage Patterns

A goal of mine is teach myself how to sew, if I have cute patterns like these maybe it will motivate me more to do it. They were 25 cents each.

And check out these vintage Disney vinyl records, they are also a story books.
They were a 1 dollar each.

Vintage Disney Records

The little butterfly was 25 cents. I was digging his bright colors.

Thank you thrift store for being good to me today.

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  1. That bunny is amazing, well worth 75 cents! That is a fantastic haul.