June 15, 2012

Custom Blythe Roombox

After creating a roombox for last custom. I was contacted to make a roombox in navy and white. I added a few pops of burnt orange for fun.

Here is Bear to show you around the place.

Bear Inside of the Roombox

This is the window room. There is a tiny lady bug on one of the leaves in the window scene.

I made a little vintage trunk too.

In the Window Room

This is the photo. I made the tiny little mixed pieces.

The Photo Room

Bear Showing the Room box

Photo Room in the Roombox

The outside is navy with a white decorative moulding.

Outside of the Roombox


On the bottom of the box I added a little vintage flair to it.

Bottom of the Roombox

Bear is sulking because she doesn't get to keep the roombox.

Cute Bear

She will get over it. I hope.


  1. Love it! Maybe you can teach me how to be creative!

  2. Love it! I would sulk too if I was Bear. :)

  3. That is really cool! I've got a box like this I wasn't sure what to make into, I need to turn it into a room! lol

  4. You are so talented, I would never be able to come up with such gorgeous ideas!
    This 'room' box is really lovely!