June 19, 2012

The Newest Pixiepoo Custom

Meet Ponyo Bubblemint. She is Very Vicky I gave a new face-up and new hairs to.

Meet Ponyo Bubblemint

I really love the color mint. I think that is why I love my Simply Peppermint blythe doll so much. Anyway I thought mint would be a perfect contrast to Ponyo's hair.

She Wants to Escape

Ponyo Bubblemint

I love her little freckles

Ponyo Bubblemints Milky Chips

Ponyo Bubblemint's Grey Chips

Ponyo Bubblemint's Teal Chips

This morning I went and took a few more pictures of her. She is traveling to a new home today.

A Few More

Safe Travels Ponyo

Before She Travels

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  1. I love her hair!! http://myblythejulyandme.blogspot.com.es/