April 5, 2012

So I have had a secret project I have been working on since February. And now I can finally finally talk about it.

I feel so lucky because I got to be part of the most beautiful doll magazine I have ever seen.
Filipa is the maker of Tiny Feet and we first met on flickr. I sent her message gushing about how beautiful her magazine was, and she asked if I wanted to join in on the fun.

Tiny Feet's 4th Issue

And I said "HECK YA!"

To see the full magazine go here .

I just wanted to post the photos I took for the magazine here.

Come One Come All!

So here is the photo of the whole circus crew. I took it in front of a run down miniature golf course in town. This photo took a lot of effort to take. It is hard to keep that many dolls from standing up. My dear husband was sweet and was my assistant, his job was to make sure none of the dollies fell down or blew away.

The Beast and her Master

Here is my lovely Ringmaster, she is my beloved Kenner Willa. She is with my Violetpie monster Foofa.

The Ring Leader and her Pet

Willa and Foofa

I really wanted to have a bearded lady for this shoot. So I used my Kenner Aspen and drew a beard on paper for her.

The Bearded Lady

Also, what is a circus without a clown, so I customized a Blythe doll into a clown. Her name is Pooka.

Pooka the Clown

I was asked to give a tutorial for Blythe Doll Paper masks. The tutorial can be found in the magazine.

Here is a lion, a tiger, and a bear.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears....

Oh My!

Oh My!

I already ordered my printed copy of this magazine! I can't wait to see it and smell it when it gets here.

Thank you again Filipa for the opportunity. I feel so blessed I got to contribute.


  1. That's awesome! Congrats on having your photos and girls featured in Tiny Feet. I just ordered it hope I get it soon.

  2. I love this ! I really love the little white Alpaca.Ummm..I think it's an alpaca!??! Anyway, very cute!!!!