What to Wear

I put a lot of thought into my photography sessions. I expect my clients to put thought into the outfits they want to wear to a photoshoot.

I have a dress code, these items of clothing are not allowed in my photoshoots-

no logo-type T-shirts
no shorts
no baseball hats
no flip flops
no sunglasses
no wrinkled clothing

Please think about your sense of style- Is it vintage, modern, whimisical, country, or urban, or something else?

When you contact me let me know your sense of style so I can start scouting out locations that will fit the theme we are going for.

I don’t expect my clients to purchase a whole new wardrobe, but to be selective and thoughtful as they plan out their clothing.

Some tips-

Clothing looks lovely layered (vests, jackets, sweaters, skirts,tights.).It helps give texture .

Try selecting several colors and patterns so that everything isn’t perfectly matching

To help select colors I suggest going to this website. It has great color schemes that go well together.

If you would like suggestions of where to buy clothing please ask and I would be more than happy to help.

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