March 26, 2012

The Holy Grail of Takara

So I was very naughty. I was a very bad girl...because I did something I vowed I would never do. I bought a doll on ebay without enough cash to pay for her. Eeeeek! Why would I do such a thing? Well let me tell you why.

Mrs. Retro Mama was the first Blythe doll I went gaga over. She is reason for me loving blythe.

I saw this video, and so much cuteness exploded in my face I thought I would die.

I still watch the movie from time to time for a pick me up. It seriously makes me happy.

Mrs. Retro Mama is hands down the best blythe doll Takara has ever made. Her stock is to die for- Her perfect red dress.-Her adorable blue houndstooth coat.-Her rockin' retro purse.... ya, the doll even comes with her own amazing diorama!

I got into Blythe fairly late in the game. When I first heard of Mrs Retro Mama she was already super expensive.

The other day I was on ebay and randomly decided to look her up. Low and behold I found a doll listed, she had never been removed from her box, and she was priced much lower than the other listings. It was too good to be true. I read the the details and the reason she was a lower price was because her box had a tiny scrape on it.

I pretty much knew it was now or never to get my holy grail of takara blythe. I didn't see another chance of getting a never removed from box girl for that price. So I went for it.

She came to me about a week ago but I decided not to open her until I had sold a few other things and could justify keeping her.

So today was the day I knew I could keep her. And so here she is on top of my husband's thesis paper books. This is Marzipan.

And here is the grand opening.

And here is Marzipan looking super cute in her kitchen diorama.

I just love the little kitchen details. Those little pets are adorable. And I LOVE those boots.

I'm so grateful to have a Mrs. Reto Mama of my own. Her butter yellow hair makes me smile.

Welcome Marzipan


  1. MRM is one of my favorites for sure! If I had to pick a grail, it would be Miss Sally Rice. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee her sweet face and her stock. Unfortunately I can't see getting her but hey, I can dream right? LOL (A more attainable grail would be Friendly Freckles, she made me fall in love with Blythe!)

    Congrats on your dream girl, she's perfect!

  2. Oh how super exciting!! Thank you for sharing your story, it sure sounds like she was meant for you. I totally love her too and love all of your photos. Congratulations on getting your dream girl x

  3. Oh, congrats on your dream doll! How wonderful, i am happy for you:) I'm still waiting for the "one" to find me.

  4. Yea!!! Always awesome to get a grail girl. congrats :)