December 5, 2012

Rosie Posie

I finished a little elf. Her name is Rosie Posie

Meet Rosie Posie

Rosie loves flowers, especially flowers. This is her little home.

Rosie Posie's Abode

She loves to have tea parties with her pet mouse.

Having a Teaparty

She is a sweet little thing.

I don't care what people say.....

Here are more little details of her house.

Picture Room

Window Room

This room has as secret compartment to hold her tea party things.

Secret compartment to hold her plate, cup, and cupcake

This is the outside of her box. You can also see her little rose pullcharm.

The outside of Rosie's box

Rosie Posie is a clone of a blythe doll called Blyh. I consider them their own type of doll though because they are smaller than blythe and look so different from them.

Rosie in the Window Room

Thanks for having a look at little Rosie's world with me.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, she's awesome! I was wondering why her face looked so different, but you explained that at the end. LOVE her box.