October 24, 2012

Make Believe

Almost two years I did my last mixed media painting. It was right before I had my last baby. Since then I have been preoccupied with taking care of my kiddos and I discovered a thing called Blythe.

But this past week something happened...a magical spark. I felt like painting again. So I pulled out a wood panel and just started....and this is what a came out.

Make Believe

You can for see how toys have influenced me with this painting. This is a lovely little portrait of a girl playing make believe with her stuffed bear in their own magical land.

I used a sealant I have never tried before until now.... Beeswax! I love it. I will never go back to any other sealant. It smells amazing and gives a lovely dreamy effect to painting too.

This original painting is now available in my etsy shop. Link is above.

1 comment:

  1. This is awesome Christy! I have always wanted to paint...and I just barely started. I picked up a mixed media book from the library and was just reading it last night. This is way more fun than the art in that book, lol!!