October 22, 2012

So Many Dollies...OH MY!

So these past few weeks I have had a bunch of dolly visitors. Here are my lastest custom comission dolls.

First is Story-

All Done!

She had the works done to her.

New face


New hair

Story's Lids

New eyelashes

Cloudy Windy Day

New eye chips

Fall Color

New eyelids

Sweet Story

She will get to hang out with me for a few more weeks because I am going to be giving her sister some new hair.

This is Birdie. (Story's sister) She is currently bald. I gave her a wig for these pictures.


I working on giving her some brighter pink hair to go with Story's hair.

Sisters Meeting

Next is Polka Von Dot

Polka's Lids

She was a commissioned by a sweet friend of mine.

Love these Star Chippies

She had the works done to her too.

What do you think?

I even cut her some funky bangs.

Pixiepoo Girls Never Know How To Dress Right.

Did I mention Polka loves Polka Dots?

This girl is very colorful and fun.

Bangs are dried

She had fun hanging out with Story.

Two Pixiepoo's

I like how both of these dolls are custom by me...but they look totally different.

Next is Leilani. She was a very simple fix-up.

Hi Mummy!

She was gaze corrected and given new blush and lids.

Blushed gaze corrected, and hair washed

Sometimes a blythe doll doesn't need much at all to be beautiful

All Beautified

Her Lids

Cute girl

And finally, I am working on custom boy for myself. This is as far as I have gotten.


I love this hobby. I have so much fun doing this.

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