April 25, 2013

A Giveaway to Say Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you for all the support on my facebook page. I now have 100 Likes. To celebrate the occasion, I will be giving away a custom throwaway pet to one lucky winner.

To win do the following-

1) Commment below telling me what your favorite color of throwaway pet is.
2) "Like" my facebook page if you haven't already. (If you already have skip this step. Just let me know you have already "liked" it.)

For an extra chance to win start following this blog. Make an extra entry if you decide to follow.

Winner will be announced May 1st.

Thanks again for everything!


  1. Definately Pink or Purple! I liked your page ages ago! Congrats on 100!
    (Im Veronica Romero on fb)

  2. Hi Christy! I love the pink and yellow pets. Congrats on 100 likes! I've already liked your fb page. :)

    Rachel (fairyflip)

  3. I know I "like" you! LOL I love the pink throwaways the most I think, love them all really! lol Congrats on 100!

  4. I like Pink & Black :D
    Congrats on 100 likes!
    Maira Flor on Fb

  5. I´m your fan number one :)
    I like pink or purple :)

  6. I had no clue you had a blog or a fb! I liked both!!! I have followed you on flickr for awhile now! If I had known I would have followed both before! - wait do I get 2 entries now? ;)

    I LOVE the blue-ish green guys - there is one in your pic that is staring at me - he's on the far right :P

    OOooooOOOOoo - I see purple too!

    Im Biz Murrer on FB & just_biz on flickr

  7. I think my favorite ones would have to be the hot pink ones because they match with my first Blythe!

    I've already likes your page a long time ago too!

  8. Congrats on 100! ;)
    I love everything pink! I liked your fb page long time ago and I'm also a follower of your blog. ;)


  9. Hi,
    I love your work. thanks for doing this giveaway.
    My favorite would have to be the blue ones. I love this color.
    I´m following you blog (m andrea c) and facebook page (m. andrea reis).


  10. Aw, Christy! So excited for you!!! My favorite color of your pets is probably the true blues... though I really like the purples too! And I don't know if I've ever seen a dark red, but that would be awesome.

    I do follow you on FB (Jennifer Justman ;) ) I also believe I follow your blog on my other profile (SoulsFireDesigns) though I will follow on this one too :)

  11. Oh, extra post for following. Am following now with this one!

  12. Hi Christy! I love the purple. Congrats on 100 likes! I've already liked your fb page. :) Im Maribel Diaz on FB and I'm not following your blog :D.

    Maribel (voodoolady)

  13. Ohhhh...I liked your page, but I lovvvve your little throw-aways! Pink, green, purple...well all the colors, but I am really eying that little guy that is hidden and looks black and white! LOL Sooooo cute, all of them...

  14. Enjoy your work!Ive already liked your fb page and want to thank you for this giveaway.My favorite color of the throwaway pet is green.Congrats on your 100 likes and for many more to come.Good luck to everyone for this special n cute giveaway!*hugz*

  15. i would totally do this :( but i'm not on facebook!!!!

  16. 4Got to add that Im following this blog...excited in anticipation!eeeeek!!!!!:-)

  17. I've liked you, and I think my favorite color is blue!

  18. I Liked you too! Awesome giveaway, thank you for doing this <3