April 28, 2013

Instagram Love

Here are some of my favorite instagram photos I have taken lately.

1) Red Rock Hills

2) My Little Monkeys

3) My printed Tinyfeet came in the mail! I was so excited to read it!

4) My cute lil' nerds.

5) The girls and I put all of our blocks together to make one big castle.

6) Wheat bran applesauce muffins for breakfast.

7) A little sheep throwaway I made for a raffle. There are lots of other prizes as well. Including a blythe doll! It is for a good cause. You should check it out. Go Team Ava!

8) My newest Kenner Primrose came back from Gbaby's spa. She is so gorgeous. More about her later

9) The house we are building ourselves is coming along nicely. We have sheeting up now!

10) My beautiful Kenner Blythe dolls all in a row.

11) Went and stayed with in-laws for a few days. The Oqurrih Moutain Temple is just down the road from them. So beautiful.

12) The girls were helping grandma with dinner but took a break to play piano with daddy.

13) Hubby's new shirt. We are kind of excited for the new season of Arrested Development.

14) We went visited Scheels so the hubby could look for a fishing pole. They had a animatronic Abe Lincoln. The girls listened very intently to Abe's Gettysburg address.

15) Every store should have a ferris wheel in the middle of it.

16) Also, every store should have a dance dance revolution.

17) A new middie blythe for me!

18) That cute face!

19) My happy spot.

20) Double Camera. Say cheese!

21) I did a scarf braid using this A Beautiful Mess tutorial. LOVE how it turned out.

22) My cute dear dress.

23) Enjoying a lovely day with a picnic.

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